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The Nicci Hou Fall 2011 “Bad Romance” Collection Runway Show

Little known fact about me is that I enjoy fashion. Not only am I addicted to reality shows based on competitions revolving around fashion, I am constantly watching red carpet coverage, picking up magazines to scour the pages, and listen to what my more fashion forward friends have to say about what is up & coming. However unlike my fashion savvy friends I have yet to take the plunge in my actual fashion style. Really it comes down to 1 part fear and 2 parts not really finding a style that matches my personality. I can respect and see beauty in many styles out there but appreciating a look on someone and being able to pull it off yourself are two very different things.

So when I was approached about attending my first fashion show I was excited to the point of giddy and accepted right away. Then set in the reality that I, a fashion novice at best, would not only have to find something to wear that would not embarrass me but would have to write up a blog talking about what I saw. Luckily for me Nicole Houston a.k.a. Nicci Hou produced a line that not only I enjoyed watching walk the runway, but was one that I could see myself in (for the right event of course).

Armed with my sister (for moral support & additional fashion input) we found our way to the Adrene Boutique in Atlanta to see the unveiling of The Nicci Hou Fall 2011 “Bad Romance” Collection. Upon entering we were greeted to a brightly lit white room with a runway in the center, mirrors & white frames hung in interesting angles on the walls and there gorgeous white curtains with black patterns. Everyone I met prior & after the event (other designers, fashionistas, jewelry designers) were all incredibly friendly, disproving this illusion that I had of the fashion industry being a bit….ummmm uppity. We had time to make some rounds, chat, and even had our picture taken. Then the moment arrived a bit fashionably late, but it was worth the time.

Here is the description I received prior to the show about what I was in store for: “The Nicci Hou collection latest design showcasing her personal interpretation of fashion art through unique material selection infused with colors and textures inspired by high fashion editorials. This Instillation will be in the form of a Fashion Gallery, entitled “Bad Romance” that will take you on a visual farce depicting romance and heartbreak with a fashion twist.”

What I saw was a 12 piece collection that has an inspiration from the looks seen on people like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Janelle Monae & other musicians that are also known for their fashion and changed up in a manor where it is more approachable for the common person without losing its high fashion appeal. There were many looks that could work in various situations: for work, a nite out, or upscale events. However there was a cohesiveness that made the outfits flow from one to the next, none standing out as out of place. And there was certainly a romantic tone to many whether it be with a flirty skirt, the use of lace, or daring necklines. (I added some photos below showing comparisions that I came up with to give you an idea of how she took fashion out there & made it her own)

Left: Nicci Hou Collection  |  Right: Janelle Monae

Left: Nicci Hou Collection  |  Right: Rihanna

Left: Nicci Hou Collection  |  Right: Christina Aguilera

The lines were clean accentuating a woman’s natural look while keeping it flattering. There were those that fit snuggly if you have the body to pull it off (& if you do bravo to you!). Then there were those that with the use of ruffles or trains you could possibly hide less flattening portions that many women, me included, always seem to be working on (stomachs & butts). If you are pleased with your legs, neckline, and cleavage there are many ways to show that off too. The use of ruffles, puffy sleeves/shoulders and around hem lines add body to the dresses but the proportions and placements keep them from creating a bulky feel. The details that came from the use of lace, buttons, gold zippers, and various textures and prints did not go unnoticed. They were used subtly to enhance the beauty of the dresses but were restrained enough to not distract.

Left: Nicci Hou Collection  |  Right: Keri Hilson

Left: Nicci Hou Collection  |  Right: Ferige

Left: Nicci Hou Collection  |  Right: Beyonce

After the runway walk ended we were able to walk up and see the collection closer. The craftsmanship that went into creating the looks was impressive. As we shared our thoughts about what we had just seen it became clear that we were both captivated. What made this interesting is that with fashion and many of our likes my sister & I could not be more different; however with “Bad Romance” with both found several looks that we would each love to add to our closets. Nicco Hou is certainly a designer to keep an eye out for, her ability to take concepts and inspirations that are seen out in the world today worn by the famous & envied by the rest and adjust them in a manner where they are no longer intimidating and impractical is admirable.

Video Of The Final Walk Out

Nicc Hou "Bad Romance" Collection


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Photos & Video by Katie Ader