Walker Stalker Con (Exclusive Guest Contest)
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  • Signed poster! - (PIC)
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  • $1,000 Visa Gift Card
Welcome to the EXCLUSIVE Walker Stalker Con attendee-only sweepstakes where you can enter for a chance to win a $1,000 Visa Gift card and a 4-foot poster signed by all 51 celebrity guests and the founders of the convention!  Don't share this link because it is only fro attendees.  If you share it, you lessen your chances at winning!
You have 1 week from the end of the Convention, so enter now below!
James Frazier and Eric Nordhoff are huge fans of the popular AMC TV show “The Walking Dead.” After a once-in-a-lifetime behind-the-scenes trip to the set of The Walking Dead in Senoia, GA (Woodbury), they decided to start a website and a podcast. James and Eric do a twice-weekly podcast during the season of the show, which is meant to be fun and interactive.