The Warriors: Street Brawl

Warriors…come out to play-ay!  In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the cult-classic movie, “The Warriors” is making its debut on next-gen consoles as a hard-knuckled retro side-scrolling brawler.  Relive the unforgettable film in The Warriors: Street Brawl and step into the role of Warchief as players fight their way through 20 miles of gang-infested Manhattan to make it all the way to back to Coney Island alive. 

Available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade, The Warriors: Street Brawl features six missions of three levels each for a total of 18 arcade-style battles. Staying true to the movie, The Warriors: Street Brawl begins at the gang summit in Van Cortland Park and continues as players fight hordes of notorious rivals in a life or death battle to their home turf. Players can become one of the iconic Warriors, including Swan, Cochise, Vermin or Rembrandt, as they try to uphold the gang’s reputation as one of the toughest factions in New York. The tension builds until the epic beach showdown against Luther, devious leader of The Rogues.
Key Features:
• Retro Side-Scrolling Brawler Action – Experience the movie the way it was intended with old-school white knuckle brawling. A gun doesn’t make you tough, use knives, bats, crowbars, 2x4’s and pool cues to get up close and personal. Fight your way back to your turf for the big showdown with Luthor on the beach.
• Three Gameplay modes:
   o Single Player – Battle your way through the streets on your own all the while trying to meet up with your crew back on your home turf…Coney.
   o Local Multiplayer – Up to four players representing the toughest crew in the city, The Warriors. Follow the storyline in 4 player co-op all the way to the Coney. Just remember to watch each other’s back.
   o Online Multiplayer Co-Op – Recruit your own gang of friends to come out to play on the same console or over Xbox LIVE. Bring each player’s special move to the fight.
• Versus Mode – Not all gang members get along. Go toe to toe with up to 4 of your fellow gang members to see who the true Warchief is!
• Boss Mode – Put The Warriors through the grinder in a non-stop string of boss fights in this unlockable mode to see if you have what it takes to become the city’s top dog.
• Unlockable Content – Build your army of Warriors as you progress through the game by unlocking hidden gang members
• Comic Book Visuals – The Warriors: Street Brawl has a unique visual style that captures the comic book-like nature of the tale filled with gritty, dangerous characters in haunting locations across Manhattan at night

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