Assault Heroes Now Available On Playstation Network

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced the availability of Assault Heroes for download on the PlayStation®Network. Following the footsteps of the highly successful Xbox LIVE® Arcade title, Assault Heroes is now available on an all new platform with intense action and first-rate graphics that give a new look to traditional 2D arcade games.

"We wanted to bring Assault Heroes back to a new platform and make it better than ever for both old fans and new to discover," said David Daniels, Director of Marketing of Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. "As the latest downloadable game from Konami, Assault Heroes provides non-stop, explosive action that is unlike any other 3D war shooter game."

In Assault Heroes, players are thrust into a top-down 3D world as the only surviving members of an elite Special Forces Unit tasked with finding a secret underground lab where a volatile weapons program is underway. Utilizing military training, weapons mastery, and quick mobility, players must wreck through enemy forces of sinister aliens using a variety of assault ships including an armored jeep with 360 degrees of firepower, and an ultra fast speedboat. Gamers can take on the opposition single handedly or with an accomplice in local two-player mode. If gamers are able to put their advanced training into practice, they will uncover the truth about a highly classified weapons program.

Employing the PlayStation capabilities and 3D format, Assault Heroes brings up-to-date visuals to the classic 2D combat shooter genre, while allowing players to climb rank and receive up to 12 trophies. Featuring three different stages of difficulty, bonus levels and a multitude of enemies and bosses, gamers must use flak cannons, flamethrowers, sub-zero freezing ice cannons, nukes and grenades to navigate through levels and demolish any adversaries in their path. Complete with competitive rankings and online leader boards, Assault Heroes challenges gamers to uncover confidential secrets and eliminate the menacing resistance.

Assault Heroes is rated T for teen and is available now for download on the PlayStation®Network for $9.99.

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