Universal Dips Back Into the Fast and Furious Well

Sometimes a film is so fantastic that it demands a sequel (The Godfather, Back to the Future). Other times sequels are churned out by studios eager to make a buck (Weekend at Bernie's II, Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood). Either way, as sequel after sequel is made there comes a point when a franchise goes from institution to joke. Operating under the generous premise that it hasn't already, The Fast and the Furious looks to be on the verge of slipping into joke territory as Universal has decided to make a fifth installment. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker have signed on for Fast Five (yes, that's the name), which will see the Dom (Diesel) and Brian (Walker) on the run from the law. It's actually pretty impressive that they've been able to keep the original actors involved. But that's the only impressive thing about it.

Peter Oberth
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