Answer Man

Answer Man

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Running Time: 
97 minutes
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Characters Of The Answer man, The Answer Man: From Concept To Creation, HDNet: A Look At The Answer Man

Arlen Faber is the famous author of “Me And God”, a book that helped many through their problems and life questions. Now he is looked upon as a spiritual guide and in order to stay away from obsessed fans attempting to get the meaning of life from him Arlen has hidden himself away. In his own personal quest to find answers Arlen turns to book after book only to be disappointed and in a moment of anger attempts to sell them to a used bookstore. This brings Kris, a recovering alcoholic, into his life. Kris opts instead of money taking advice as payment for the books.

But try as he might Arlen’s contact with people does not end there. When his back goes out yet again Arlen crawls into the office of Elizabeth a single mom that is a chiropractor. Her personality, her thoughts on life, her interaction with her son, and her ability to fix his back has Arlen finally wanting to open up and let someone into his private life.

The story is yet another one about the journey of several characters trying to find the meaning of life and what they are suppose to do with it. I personally am not a huge fan of drama; while I do enjoy movies that can be insightful I hate movies that are depressing just for the sake of making the audience cry. “Answer Man” is not this kind of drama. While it does take a look at life, the shit that can happen to people and how they deal with the aftermath it doesn’t delve so deep into that that is all there is. Instead you are given some dark humor, foul language, and amusing angry rants that can make you laugh as you too have been in that situation.

Jeff Daniels embraced the role of Arlen; he was hilarious, touching, and when he finally opens up you can feel the pain. Lauren Graham as always is sweet, funny, and charming. And together they have an odd chemistry that somehow works on screen. One thing though that I loved about this movie is the ending (I’m not going to give anything away). Things are not all completely wrapped up all nicely with a bow at the end. Some things have conclusions, other things have new beginnings. Nothing is perfect and tidy and that adds a touch of realism to the whole story.

Review by Pandora
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