Being Human: Season 4 (PREVIEW)

Being Human: Season 4

401 Old Dog New Tricks and 402 That Time of the Month
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Mondays @9PM ET
Air Date: 
Monday, January 13, 2014
Episode Air Dates

Episode 401 "Old Dog, New Tricks" will premiere on Monday Jan 13, 2014.
Episode 402 "That Time of the Month" will air on Monday Jan 20, 2014.

For the last 3 months Josh (played by Sam Huntington) has been having to locked away in the woods and out of harms way. His best friend Aiden (played by Sam Witwer) and Josh's newlywed wife Nora (played by Kristen Hager) keep vigil over Josh while he stays stuck in his wolf form. As Josh tries to cope with his problems, Aiden has to deal with his current relationship as well as one from his past that has him confused and in pain. While at the same time her friends deal with some major issues in their lives, Sally finds herself stuck in another plane of existence but she's not as powerless with her situation as she first believes. It will take a lot of effort for these friends to get their lives back in order and even if they think they have, life might not be what they think it is.
Not wanting to give away anything that happens in the first two episodes of season 4 of Being Human is a tough thing to do while also giving enough information to make it sound interesting. This is a show that seems to have some interesting plots but also plots that are similar. Sam is dealing with a problem with a woman while also coping with his human life he tries to lead as a nurse. Josh is yet again having problems with his werewolf side, though I got to admit having him now be married is new. While Sally continues with being a ghost and trying to stay that way. There's a few twists to the problems, like having Josh being married and stuck as wolf but it's still basically the same adventures taking place.
But don't take this as being negative because it's not and here's why. Those plots that seem similar for this season are the foundations to what's to come in the season. Something is going to happen with Sally that will surely affect how she stays as a ghost in the world, she's also now doing something that I don't want to spoil by giving away but it's going to be interesting to see where they will take this plot line. For what's going to happen to Josh, it's going to become something that I think will make people see him in a different light. Which should be interesting as well but the only one that I don't see that interesting is for the character of Aiden. Seems to be his role is still the same with having to deal with past characters that is going to have him all pouty lipped and brooding. This first two episodes where mildly interesting, so far I think they've been the most interesting for season openings. All the actors continue to grow more comfortable while also being better with their roles, which only adds to the show being a better show. It seems that with the start of this season the writers are not overusing some personal drama issues with the characters but are now putting the characters into a situation that's going to be fun and interesting to watch.

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