Nanny McPhee Returns (BLU-RAY)

Nanny McPhee Returns

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Running Time: 
109 minutes
Bottom Line:

Nanny McPhee is a well executed children's flick that is fun and educational

Nanny McPhee Returns, which is a sequel to the 2006 children's film, has actress Emma Thompson reprising her beloved role. 


This chapter takes place during WWII, following a mother whose husband is at war and has lost control between caring for her misbehaving children to her stressful job. Following the same formula as the original, Nanny McPhee shows up to bring order to the family's chaotic life. 


On the level of a family film, this is a perfectly good movie. There are loads to like about this film. 


First off, the visuals are quite nice to look at with the beautiful British country side and the saturated color that punches up the fantastical element of this movie. And although there are loads of noticeable cgi sequences, they are inventive enough to be enjoyed and give some spectacle for the kids to wow at. 


Another shinning part of Nanny McPhee are the performances. While the child actors in the film aren't that special, the adults in the film are all blissfully played by character actors who utilize their material. I'm sure the kids will love Emma Thompson's affectionate performance as Nanny McPhee. 


As far as a film for adults to enjoy, not so much. While this doesn't talk down to kids for them to enjoy the movie, it is heavily catered to them. Because Nanny McPhee Returns plays to children's mentality of how everything can be fixed very quickly and perfectly. 


So while this is a movie that looses appeal outside of its target audience, it still is an enjoyable flick for families to watch together. It entertains and teaches a lesson or two along the way. 

Review by Alex Tracy