Old Dogs

Old Dogs

In Theatres: 
Nov 25, 2009

The unlikely pair of John Travolta and Robin Williams teams up to take on the most difficult task in the work; taking care of not one but two kids.

Dan (Williams) and Charlie (Travolta) are two of the best sports business partners and are about to close one of the most important deals of their lives. Suddenly, their lives take a turn when Dan's love interest returns to his life and brings a pair of twins with her; Dan's twins to be exact. Now, Dan with the help from Charlie, must learn what it means to be a father and take care of these two kids for two weeks.

The pairing of Travolta and Williams is an odd one indeed. The two simply don't seem like the greatest bromance as the film tries to portray them as. Even more, the pairing comes off as awkward and weird in that they just don't seem to understand what's going on about 90% of the time, even if it doesn't have to do with children. Throughout the film, they seem to make weird faces and laugh at random moments, especially towards the beginning.

The jokes are either hit or miss. Some come off as funny while others fall completely flat. The more hilarious ones tend to come from the supporting cast more than the main, with the likes of Matt Dillon, Justin Long, and Dax Shepard. Probably the greatest moment of the film is when the late Bernie Mac makes an appearance. This was his last on screen role before his death in 2008. The two kids in the film, Conner Rayburn and Ella Travolta, are not much more than just cute faces to look at. Conner supplies more laughs than Ella, but that isn't saying much.

So, what's the final conclusion on Old Dogs? It's enjoyable here and there and the cameos are decent. Unfortunately, the duo of Travolta and Williams seemingly fails the more they try to act like the worlds best bros. We've all heard and seen what's on screen before, it's just presented in a different manner. Sadly, Old Dogs has reached the point where all it can do is lie around and not much else. 

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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