Old Goats

Old Goats

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014
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1 Hour, 34 Minutes
A Full Life

Besides getting into acting later in life, Bob Burkholder was a WWII veteran (including participating in The Battle of the Bulge) who graduated college with a degree in wildlife management.  He then worked as a biologist in Alaska for the US Fish and Wildlife Service for many years.  After raising seven children with his wife, Bob became a political activist and wrote a book entitled Skirting The Edge.

Director Taylor Guterson makes his feature film debut with Old Goats - a genuine and charming study of three senior men dealing with retirement and old age in their own unique ways. Shot in and around Seattle, the film utilizes largely unknown actors to create a wonderfully authentic feel that viewers from any generation can easily connect with. Now available on DVD from Music Box Films, Old Goats is a cinematic delight worth going out of your way to see.

Revolving around the everyday lives of three close friends, Old Goats provides a fresh spin on person's golden years. Britt (Britt Crossley), who recently quit his job at a local auto shop, has lived the last 30 years of his single life on a crowded houseboat. Yearning for adventure, Britt aspires to sail to Hawaii and possibly around the world. His friend Bob (Bob Burkholder) is a feisty ladies man who routinely works out, sings in a choir, and writes his memoirs in hopes of a publishing deal. Both Britt and Bob constantly rely on their friend Dave (David VanderWal) for rides around town and general conversation. Having just retired from a successful job in the financial industry, Dave is struggling to balance his own ideas of what retirement should be along with his wife's dream of moving to Palm Springs.

Instead of the usual crotchety old fogies seen in the majority of comedies, Guterson adds a depth to his senior citizens rarely seen in entertainment. Quick, name a current television program that focuses on only older characters. I can't think of one either. The praise for this film certainly deserves to be directed towards the three male leads whose wry performances are an absolute treat. I dare you to watch Old Goats and not instantly reminisce about how your grandfather used to bullshit with his close friends. While researching the film, I was saddened to discover that Burkholder passed away last fall at the age of 90. Burkholder, whose presence dominates Old Goats, only appeared in two feature films - this one and another untitled project that will be released later in 2014. Special features include a touching tribute video to Burkholder that was actually shown at his memorial, short deleted scenes, and a bonus short film starring Burkholder and Crossley. Old Goats is a must-buy for viewers who love understated comedies with heart and it would also make a great gift for parents and grandparents alike. Highly Recommended.

Cody Endres
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