The Ides of March

The Ides of March

In Theatres: 
Oct 07, 2011
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 38 Minutes

The Ides of March was originally a play written by Beau Willimon.

It's no secret that the game of politics is one full of scandal and deception. Since the actual birth of politics, corruption has been plentiful in and out of political parties and campaigns. Of course, these are all things denied by a vast majority of political leaders. They claim to be the honest and sincere choice to run our country. Regardless of their true intentions, no one is quite as innocent and sincere than Stephen Myers. 

Stephen (Ryan Gosling) is at the top of his game. A promising resume' and a current position as press secretary for Governor Mike Morris (George Clooney) has brought Stephen into the frontlines of every political campaigns' radar. Aware of how easy it is to sell your soul for votes, Stephen has chosen to stay with Morris for the simple reason that Morris actually believes in what he stands for. Once he learns that the Morris campaign might not be what he thought it was, Stephen begins to get involved with the scandal and corruption he once fought against. After all, in the world of politics, who can you really trust?

Directed by George Clooney, The Ides of March was a film to watch for ever since the film was announced. A political thriller featuring Ryan Gosling against George Clooney is enough to get the smartest moviegoers in their seats. But the worry behind most political-based films in the question of whether it maintains interest without a formed opinion on politics. For The Ides of March, the answer is an absolute yes. I'm not a fan of politics, enough to a point where I choose not to follow it when given the opportunity, but throughout The Ides of March, I found myself incredibly wrapped up in the lives of these players and what could cause them to commit these acts that could so easily shake the foundation of their worldwide image. Thrill and suspense is found in almost every scene of Ides. 

Ryan Gosling has been on fire this year and The Ides of March is no exception. Gosling has an aura of dependence and trust while wearing the face of mystery and danger. For the role of Stephen, there could be no more of a solid fit than Gosling. He wears the face of innocence like a champion and handles even better when met with deception and betrayal. And he's in good company, too. Featuring a cast of George Clooney, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Evan Rachel Wood and Marisa Tomei, The Ides of March uses each and every actor the exact length of their characters' story. None more, none less. A full sense of closure is rarely found in films these days, but The Ides of March stands out as a completed story. 

It's no coincidence that this film was released in early fall, as it has Oscar-nominated written all over it. The Ides of March is a fantastic and immensely enjoyable film, but as to if it will win any awards on direction and performance, I'd have to say no. That isn't to say the performances nor the direction were less than spectacular, just that we have come to expect such quality of work from such professionals as Clooney, Giamatti and the newest addition Gosling. Ides is a wonderfully paced thriller with captivating performances and enough suspense to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. Unfortunately, it's what is expected from a team of this size of notoriety. 

The Ides of March features some impressive shots and incredibly enjoyable performances from all, none more so than Gosling himself. With Blue Valentine and Drive already under his belt, The Ides of March perfectly concludes what I like to call the "Year of the Gosling". 

Ryan Sterritt
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