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The Walking Dead

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011
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Trying to get out of Atlanta with their lives, Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) and his friend Shane (played by Jon Bernthal) lead their group towards fort Benning where they believe they will be safe. With Walkers everywhere the group find themselves caught on a highway that's blocked by wrecked cars full of the dead. After losing one of their members, Rick, his family, and the rest of the group make a farm house their base while they search for their lost member while trying to stay alive and out of view of any of the mindless, flesh eating Walkers.

What could be better than season 1 of The Walking Dead? Season 2 of course! Man what a pleasant, no, what a excellent treat it is when a show that has a great first season has a great second season. I've seen way too many shows that start off great in the first season because they have the right writers, a cast the has chemistry, and episodes that does something different from what's being put on the boob tube turn to junk in the second season because the shine of that newness wore off, maybe they let the good reviews go to their head. Not the case with the second season of the Walking Dead.

This show continues to grow as the characters continue to build relationships with each other, new characters such as Hershel Greene (played by Scott Wilson), who is the owner of the farm that the group makes their base on. I loved this character because he plays such an opposing force to the other characters who want to survive and kill any of the Walkers that they see whereas Hershel is a religious man who believes that all life should be protected, even those of the walking dead. There's the messed up romance going on between Rick and his wife Lori (played by Sarah Wayne Callies), who had an affair with Rick’s best friend Shane in season 1. Which, Shane still has feelings for Lori that causes a rift to form between Rick and himself.

There's so many twists and turns going on in this show that I was being surprised with each episode. Though the ending is by far the best episodes of the whole season, they do nothing to take away from the enjoyment of the rest of the season. This show has great writers that give this large cast of characters an equal amount of time while still being able to center the group around Rick. One thing about this show having such a large cast is that it will have characters that you will like and dislike but there's always a way for the writers to have them be taken off in an interesting way, namely ate by zombies, I mean Walkers. But even some of the main cast is lost as well so I was also upset when the undead chomped some of my favorite characters.

With all the great writing, the great cast of actors and characters, what the Walking Dead comes down to is the zombies. It's because of the quality of the zombie makeup that's being used on this show that makes it stand out not only above any show like this (which at the moment are near none) to being better than some of the high budget movies that I've seen. These undead people that have limbs missing, chunks of their bodies taken out, some so tore up that they are just half a body with their insides hanging out, it all looks so real. I love how this show uses actual make up, props, and effects that are real rather than relying of a computer graphic to do all the work. Because of that the show looks real, it looks like that world could exist, and it makes the show a lot of fun to watch.

This is one of those Blu Rays that I like that's not a superior quality like most that are out there. The reason for that is this show is shot on 16mm film instead of being shot with digitally. Because this is show is shot on film there is a grain and texture to the quality of the picture. Which is why when the show is airing it don't have such a sharp look to the picture as some of the shows being aired have, but for The Walking Dead it works perfectly. Now that it's on Blu Ray the quality does improve to give a better look, the colors are sharp, and it looks like a feature film would look, but it still retains the look of being shot on film and I love that look. Included with this already spectacular Blu Ray are the bonus features which I got to say was some of my most liked features on the set. There's featurettes to and webisodes that end up being like a movie themselves when watched and the deleted scenes are always a favorite for me. Though I haven't watched it with the commentary, I do plan on doing so in a few weeks, I have to believe that when I do that I will enjoy hearing what the creators of this show have to say as I watch.


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