Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host

Are you sitting there thinking to yourself, "I'd really like to see more game shows on TV." If so, then TBS has got Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host just for you.

The premise of the show is this: D.L. Hughley and Michael Ian Black are the hosts, and they each read a "fact" to the contestant. The contestant then decided which one of them to believe, because one of them is lying. If they choose correctly, they win money. There are 5 initial rounds where the player can build up their "Trust Fund" and each has an increasing amount to win, from $1,000 to $5,000 - netting the player $15,000 if they get all 5 right. Then in the final round, the player is given 5 "facts", only 1 of which is true. They can buy lies, thus reducing the number of "facts" to choose from, by spending money from their Trust Fund. The first lie is worth $1,000, the second $2,000 and the third $3,000. If they spend the $6,000 to buy all the lies, then they have a 50/50 chance of picking the winner and taking the grand prize of $20,000. So, the most a player can walk away with is $35,000.

The show is also basically a comedy. Both hosts read their "facts" and then they spend a couple minutes being funny, bragging about their own statement or shooting down the other one, trying to convince the player to pick them. And both guys are fairly funny, so this is amuzing, but I couldn't help feel that it was also "wasting" time. Each 30 minute episode of the show, and I got to watch 4 of them, only has one contestant. So you get 5 rounds of 2 facts, and then 1 round of 5 facts. The facts are pretty interesting, and they tell you a little extra about each true fact or how the false one was wrong but still close to true, but it would be very generous to say you could learn things from this show considering that it is mostly comedy. If you want to learn, watch Jeopardy.

Personally, I'll never be on this show, because I would win all the money, and life will never let me be that lucky. And as amuzing as the show was to watch, now that I'm done with my review, I'll probably never watch an episode again. But by all means, if you like funny and want to watch a cute little game show, tune in. It might be worth your time.

Review by Jason Pace
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