Generator Rex

TV Show
On DVD: 
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Running Time: 
207 Minutes

Nanites. They have become infused in the bloodstream of every living thing on Earth. Sometimes they lie dormant but on occasion they mutate humans into dangerous monsters known as Evo’s. To stop the Evo’s a government group titled Providence was created (though honestly their a bit rubbish, IMO). When all else fails Providence can rely on their secret weapon, a teenage boy named Rex (voiced by Spy Kids fame Daryl Sabara). What makes Rex so special? Unlike other Evo’s Rex can control the Nanites in his body enabling him to create weapons and transport for himself to help battle the Evo’s. Of course every story must have a villain and that villain is named Van Kleiss (voiced by Troy Baker of Dragon Ball and Bleach fame among other major voice over jobs he‘s taken), an Evo who can partially control his powers and who believes this transformation makes himself and any other Evo that joins him the next evolutionary chain in the human race and far superior to