What Team Am I On

(The Hawks (of Holy Rosary))
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Parental Advisory: 

When you was in school did you and your best friend ever want to form a band so that you could sing about all the things that was on your mind and what you was going through and the later become famous with your own record for people to listen to? Well, the band The Hawks did just that but the guitarist Frank Weysos and bassist Chuck Hernandez met back in elementary school where they became friends and since then have been playing music together. Since then the Hawks took on other members of J.C. Noriega on drums, Christine Roberts with keys, David Manzano for percussion, and John Dailey on the guitar. This 6 member band has a new album out called, "What Team Am I On?" where they play all the garage punk pop rock songs that is all about them being young and having fun.