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Happy Hunger Games! Vol. 2, Issue 23

The press for Mockingjay: Part 2 is in FULL SWING!

This week we have an Entertainment Weekly cover and an interview extravaganza! THAT'S NOT ALL! We have several new stills, a new trailer, AND a new poster! The heat is on, folks, and the temperature is only going to rise the closer we get to November.

We must begin at the beginning of the end; the final trailer for MJP2. It gave me serious chills. If you're a book reader, you're going to recognize several of the most poignant moments. I really love what they've done with the subterranean monsters as well. They're simple and intensely creepy monsters of nightmares.



Want more? I got more. How about a scene from the film introducing Squad 451:


We're not done yet! Check out these absolutely gorgeous stills from the film. I'm so glad Effie is back to her fashionable self.





Watch Dave Karger of Fandango have some fun with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth while they play a game of ‘Fact of Fiction.’


And now for some EW goodness!



What it’s like to be a part of a cultural phenomenon:

HUTCHERSON When you see the tons of people screaming and going crazy… I have the same problem that Peeta does of distinguishing reality from not reality. So for me, that’s not real. It seems so strange.

LAWRENCE It’s like you’re an avatar of yourself.

HEMSWORTH You get back into the car after a premiere and it’s dead silent and you’re like…

LAWRENCE “I’m glad that’s over.”

On being besties:

LAWRENCE If we had met each other in any different circumstance, we would still be best friends. And our love is as close to unconditional as it gets because there’s no fear between us because we love each other so much. There’s no fear in our love.

What scene gave JLaw butterflies?

LAWRENCE I was excited about the scene at the end of the movie when I shoot my arrow—I won’t give it away— because when I was doing my archery training at age 20, that was always the scene I pictured. Five years ago I used to look at a stack of hay and pretend that it was this moment, and now it is here. (x)



“It’s an action movie with a woman in the lead that men want to go see.” Lawrence explains. “It changed the conversation. Nobody can deny that.”

Returning director Francis Lawrence promises Mockingjay – Part 2 won’t disappoint. “When you get to the end, you just feel the entire history of what these characters have been through,” he says. “It’s part of what makes this movie all the more satisfying.”


The Final Day:

“It was so emotional that I was completely numb and dead inside,” says Jennifer Lawrence.

“It felt really weird,” says Josh Hutcherson. Liam Hemsworth adds “I was drunk.”

And it turns out he was. According to Hutcherson, he and Hemsworth had wrapped their scenes the previous evening and celebrated by finishing a bottle of scotch between the two of them.

“Then [the next day] we came to the set because Jen and Woody [Harrelson] had a last scene together and we wanted to watch the last couple takes,” says Hutcherson.

That’s when things got weird.

“Then they called wrap,” continues Hutcherson, “and we kind of sat there on the steps in this room and we just held each other…”


What if Donald Trump wins?:

“If Donald Trump becomes president, that will be the end of the world,” says Lawrence.

Her co-star Liam Hemsworth feels the same: “I’ll back you up on that,” he adds.

Josh Hutcherson, the third lead in the massive franchise, can’t quite believe Trump’s run for the presidency is legitimate. “It’s a publicity stunt,” he says. “It can’t be real.”

Lawrence doesn’t seem quite sure of his validity either. “I genuinely believe that reality television has reached the ultimate place where now even things like this might just be for entertainment,” she says. “It’s either that or it’s Hillary’s brilliant idea.”


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Whew! Are you excited for MJP2? What moment do you hope to see most? Which moment are dreading most?  Which of this week’s stills are your favorite? How do you feel about the beginning of the end? Let us know in the comments below


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