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By Ryan Sterritt

Local Band Watchout: Tir Asleen

 There are plenty of local bands on the scene that phone in their music, which causes most of the local music scene to sound eerily similar. Tir Asleen is not one of those bands. Tir Asleen are a five-piece outfit hailing from Calhoun, Georgia that have been playing almost everywhere possible in the past year, including Marietta and Summersville. As if constant touring weren’t enough, the 5 friends have released a 7 song EP titled “Running Strong”. Since then, they have reached out and allowed me to review their EP.


As for the genre of music that Tir Asleen plays, it’s hard to describe. Think a heavier At The Drive-In with a mix of chaos. Screaming vocals (courtesy of vocalist Jesse and guitarist Michael) overlap a string of chaotic melodies to create a post-hardcore track that most haven’t heard. “Running Strong” opens with “This Place Is Not Flat”, a minute-long track of spoken word with accompanying reverb. While feeling a bit out of place, it’s a fit welcome for the rest of the album. Without missing a beat, “This Place Is Mountains” kicks right in. The previous reverb is used now as melody and helps set the tone for the remaining tracks. This track ,along with “Castle Greyskull”, remain the best off of the EP. They capture the atmosphere and destruction that truly make Tir Asleen a stand-out group. Very few local bands are able to mix melody, chaos, screaming and structure as well as these guys do.

 Although the remaining 4 tracks aren’t as memorable as the previous 3, the album contains moments of confidence that is rarely seen/heard in most EP’s. In the ongoing future of Tir Asleen, I look forward to the band maintaining and improving their sense of confidence in who exactly they are and what their music represents. And if I knew how/could psychically do so, I'd find their nearest show, drive down to the venue and Crab-walk. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP3hS8P_etQ&feature=related)

 “Running Strong” is available now through the band. Tir Asleen will be playing Summerville, Ga on January 12th and will have copies of their EP available for purchase. Make sure to catch them and keep an eye on this impressive group of gentlemen.