Atlanta: Robbin' Season Interviews at the Red Carpet Premiere

On Monday, February 26, the Starlight Drive-In in downtown Atlanta, GA took a break from playing movies on the big screen and hosted the Season 2 premiere of FX Network’s award-winning series, Atlanta.


Series creator and actor Donald Glover hosted the event and walked the red carpet along with Paper Boi actor Brian Tyree Henry, writer and producer Stefani Robinson, director and producer Hiro Murai, as well as other guest actors and recording artists who either worked on the show or were from Atlanta.


We were able to speak with both Glover and Henry to talk about the upcoming season as well as some of their favorite locations to film around the city. We also spoke exclusively with Stefani Robinson, which you can read below.


Shakefire: Who is the most interesting person to write for and why is it Lakeith Stanfield?

Stefani Robinson: Hahaha, you know what? That’s fair. I would have to say that Alfred “Paper Boi” is the most interesting person for me to write for. I think that getting into his mind and sort of what makes a character like that tick and what he has to deal with on a day to day emotional level is so fascinating to me.


Shakefire: What can you tell us about this season? Why ‘Robbin’ Season?’

Stefani Robinson: Great question. I think there’s a million answers but, at least from my perspective, we just wanted to make it feel almost like installments. I think we really lean into the show existing not solely as a season where you need to see everything at once to understand what’s going on. I think what makes the show so interesting is that you can watch any aspect or any part of the show and you’re still absorbing something interesting. The show is moment to moment, and I think that’s what we’re pushing for at least with Season 2.


Shakefire: Did you have any favorite locations here from Season 2?

Stefani Robinson: We filmed at the school where they filmed Stranger Things. That was pretty cool for me!


Atlanta: Robbin’ Season airs Thursdays on FX at 10pm.

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