Radio Black

Radio Black

Radio Black finished recording their EP (produced by the legendary John "Lou" Lousteau) but want to get back to Dave Grohl's famed Studio 606 studio to finish the upcoming full-length, which features guest collabs from Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne), Chris Chaney (Jane's Addiction) and Mick Murphy (Chevy Metal, My Ruin), and are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to finish the magic they started in the studio. Fireball Ministry frontman and "Sound City" documentary producer, Jim Rota, and Brad Smith of Blind Melon have joined Lousteau on the production team after being blown away by Radio Black.

Are you keeping a secret right now?


First celebrity you met?

Davey Havok!

I think:

No one talks enough about the magnitude of the Hershey's empire. I mean they nearly have a monopoly on chocolate. Something's gotta be up there.

Favorite form of potato to eat?

Fries, closely followed by baked and mashed.

Do people often think you are older or younger than you actually are?

Everyone always thinks I'm younger - sometimes like 6 years younger.

Last rule you broke?

I went swimming at an apartment after 11. The pool closed at 11. Don't turn me in!

Something round?

a fudge round. Best part of my lunch everyday in 3rd grade.

Paintball or airsoft?

Uh, Paintball, I guess. Can I choose squirt-guns?

Where did the idea to raise money via Kickstarter to record at 606 Studios come from?

We thought it would be a cool way to introduce the project to the world and hopefully raise enough to keep recording there! Any day spent at 606 is a great day.

You have worked with a number of legendary artists, what is the most important thing you learned from those experiences?

The most talented, and most well-known guys I've worked with have also been the most humble and down to earth. Egos get you nowhere!

Interview by Kara Johnson