Monsters, Inc. (3D)

Monsters, Inc

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 32 Minutes
Interesting Tidbits

There are always Easter eggs scattered throughout Pixar's movies. Can you find Nemo, from "Finding Nemo," and Jessie, from "Toy Story 2 & 3," in the same scene somewhere in the movie?

“Monsters, Inc.” made its theatrical debut in 2001 and the movie was praised by both general audiences and critics. However, the movie was recently re-released in 3-D with even more bonus content for Monsters Inc. fans before the movie’s prequel is released. If you’ve never seen the movie, it is about 2 monsters, Sully (John Goodman) and Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal), that work for a company that scares little children to convert their screams into useable energy for their city. However, they both catch Sully’s rival, Randall (Steve Buscemi), participating in some suspicious activities causing a kid to enter their world leading to chaos and trouble for everyone. What happens next? You are going to have to watch Monsters, Inc. to find out.

I was already a fan of the movie in the first place, but was a bit skeptical when I heard about the 3-D re-release of the movie. I know Pixar has perfected the craft of converting their movies to 3-D because it was flawlessly done with “Up,” “Toy Story,” and “Finding Nemo.” This movie was no different and I loved their use of 3-D. It did not hinder the movie watching experience and actually enhanced it and made it more enjoyable. I also loved the movie soundtrack and the movie’s plot was well written and very unique. My favorite character was Boo because she was so full of life and energy and she reminded me a lot of my 4 year old niece. This was an all-around great movie.

Also, the textures of the computer animation made everything look so realistic in their monster world. I also liked all the bonus content and Pixar shorts they always include with their movies. This is the perfect gift for any Monsters Inc. fans or anyone that just really loves animated films. I highly recommend checking out this movie again in 3-D because it always feels like a totally different experience than watching the original. For those reasons, I am giving this movie an “A.”

Paul Arca
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