Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power

Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mathayus (played by Victor Webster) has been sent on a mission that just might be the most dangerous one he has ever been on. Just when he believes his mission might be a success, his friend Drazen (played Will Kemp) betrays him and steals what they have come to steal. Not only does his friend that he trusts betray him,  but sets Mathayus up for the murder of the king. Now with the kings army chasing after him with his once friend leading the way, Mathayus must discover a way to clear his name of this murder and bring the true killer out to face the crime he committed. With the help of Valina (played by Ellen Hollman) and the science that her mad father Sorrell (played by Barry Bostwick), the trio might just uncover some ancient magic that will bring the truth out.

Over the many years that movies have been around there are always some that are good enough that not only do they stand the test of time but they end up being used in other movies. In this fourth version of this movie that started as a spin off from the Mummy movies, Scorpion King 4 has used so much from other movies that to call this movie it's own movie would almost be a lie. It's not just that the idea of the plot is a tried and true one where the hero is betrayed by his best friend for power and money and now the hero must clear his name and bring his friend to justice but it's blatant use of other movies is over the top.
There are a lot of problems with this movie, first off the use of all the other movies. It's one thing to have a nod to the movies that inspire one to be made and to use some of that movie, but the amount that Scorpion King 4 uses is almost to the point of just remaking the one it nods to. The whole end sequence of this movie is not a nod to the movie,  “Indian Jones and the Last Crusade”, it's the movies end redone to fit the Scorpion King 4. I won't say more on the actual details of that ending but if you have seen “Last Crusade” then you have seen the ending of this movie. Though making this movie worse is having such a horrible plot, well, what I think is supposed to be a plot. There's a lot of fights, way more than there should be, even for a movie as cheesy as this one, but when you get to the meat of the story, there's nothing there. It's idea of a plot is that Mathayus must clear his name and the only way to do that is by using a key that was given to him by the dying king.
Well, that's it really, there's all those fights, there's moments when there's so called magic happening, and more fights. Oh there's also the very bad moments of so called banter and growing romance between the characters Mathayus and Valina, but it's just horribly done. The acting is rigid where not of it is believable as a character, the dialog is bland and so hard to sit through, but worse yet are the scenes that are in there for no real reason then just to have some sort of filler or eye candy. Like the fight between some warrior woman and Valina, it's horrible, it does nothing to progress the plot, and if someone actually got beat that bad to start with they are not getting up like Valina does where she is running around like just just had a great nights sleep. By the way, I haven't mentioned anything with Lou Ferrigno being in this movie, even though if you look at the cover his face is in the dead center and is the largest one on the cover as well as getting his name first billed, but there is a reason why I haven't talked about his role in this movie. It's because I just spent more time typing out that sentence about not having him in this review then the amount of time he's in this movie. He appears, gets in a fight, swings around an axe, then that's it. How this movie went from script to filmed is way beyond my grasp and I'm now wanting to have my time spent not only from watching this horrible mess but I've now lost time talking about how horrible it is. Just horrible.

Well, I can't say this movie was a great movie to watch on Blu Ray, not only because of the actual movie but the quality of the movie as well just wasn't that good. Though not bad, there are some scenes that has noise in the picture quality but what hurts this Blu Ray is with all the many dark scenes there isn't much light being used to see good detail. Even in the bright scenes the detail is not that pronounced and the colors are a little flat. About the only good thing about this Blu Ray was that the audio levels where mixed well enough that when it goes from the rough dialog to the loud grunts and screams of fights, the levels where even.

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