Sex & Lies In Sin City

Sex & Lies In Sin City

On DVD: 
Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Running Time: 
95 minutes
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When Ted Binion (rich and famous for owning the Horseshoe Casino) is discovered dead by his girlfriend Sandy it appears that it was a drug overdose. Becky Binion, Ted’s sister has never liked or trusted Sandy. From the moment Ted met Sandy at the strip club she worked at Becky felt like she was after his money. Becky starts suggesting that Ted’s death was not an overdose and the police need to look towards Sandy for the answers. Will everything be answered at trial?

While watching this I just kept thinking in my mind that it seemed like a made for TV movie; the scene cuts, storyline, acting, etc. So I looked around and sure enough this aired on Lifetime. So right there should give you an idea of what you are in for. It is based on a true story, and I actually found it interesting enough to look up the real event. Throughout the movie you get different ideas on exactly what happened with flashback footage from many different people; however you know what did happen. At the very end you are given quick information of where the real people are today by them putting words up on the screen which is how most of these movies work.

Matthew Modine is very good as the drugged up paranoid Ted Binion and probably better than he should be in a movie like this. Everyone else plays their part well enough that you are not distracted by their acting (though I do find Mena Suvari annoying so I found her annoying in this too). From the Lifetime movies I have seen I would rank this higher than most and it has the potential of a re-watch.  Just remember to expect made for TV and perhaps you won’t be too disappointed.

Review by Pandora
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