The Best of Star Trek: The Original Series

My thoughts on this Best of set are pretty similar to my opinions of the corresponding Next Generation disc. It’s not a bad way to get introduced to the world of Star Trek (is there really anyone left on the planet who hasn’t seen at least one clip of the original series?), though it leaves a lot to be desired at only four episodes.

Much like the Next Generation disc, I sure that many Trekkies will argue over whether or not these four are truly the best. Though, again like the NG disc, Entertainment Weekly also selected three of the four for their top ten (while IGN.com included the fourth: “Balance of Terror”), so maybe that authoritative input will help soothe the heart of the savage geek.

At any rate, there aren’t any surprises here (everyone and their mother has probably seen “The Trouble With Tribbles”): time travel, inter-species relationships, galactic diplomacy…the usual Trek fare. You already know whether or not you dig this universe. I leave it to you whether or not you pick it up.

Jeremy Hunt
Review by Jeremy Hunt
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