Vanishing on 7th Street (BLU RAY)

Vanishing On 7th Street

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Running Time: 
91 minutes
Bonus Features

Alternate Endings, Creating the Mood on 7th Street, Behind the Scene Montage, Commentary, Interviews with Director and Actor Jacob Latimore

Be Afraid Of The Dark, Be Very Afraid:
      Another day is passing for the city of Detroit until there is a blackout that covers the whole city. When the lights come back on the people are missing, only the clothes and what they carried are left behind on the ground. Only a handful of people have survived the blackout. Paul (played by John Leguizamo) was working in a theater when the power went out, Luke (played by Hayden Christensen) was asleep in his apartment, Rosemary (played by Thandie Newton) was working in a hospital, and James (played by Jacob Latimore) was at the bar where his mother was working when the power went out. Each end up getting to meet each other for a fight of survival but for how long will be determined by the how long the lights stay on.

Build A Fire Idiots:
     Vanishing on 7th Street is about the darkness/shadows taking away anyone that don’t have a light. Why? I don’t know. I watched this whole movie and the alternate endings but I don’t know why all this was happening. There’s at no time any explanation as to why the darkness comes or why it takes people away. Not only that but the whole movie is filled with moments that just boggle my imagination.

     This whole movie just made me want to know what was going on but I wasn’t getting any answers. When I read about the plot I was attracted to the idea of it. A whole town of people are disappearing and the shadows are the cause just sounds like it should be a good movie. Just the thought about the dark being the villain is a hard miss considering that there are so many people that are really afraid of the dark, just think about a time when at least once you wasn’t in the dark, you heard something that shouldn’t have been made to be heard, and you got the chills. Scary thought huh? Well there is the catch so with having that and John Leguizamo in Vanishing on 7th Street I was expecting a good thriller that would make me want to leave my lights on while sleeping tonight. It didn’t.
With a good beginning that was interesting, had a very cool creepy quality, and John Leguizamo started it off I sat back liking what I was seeing. By the middle of the movie I was bored.

      Where did it all go wrong? When there was no explanation to why this was all happening. I’m all for having a movie keeps me in the dark (yeah pun intended), but by the time the movie ends I want some answers. With Vanishing on 7th Street it does a great job of not giving any answers, so much so that it don’t ever give them. I got no closure to this movie not because the movie don’t end, it does, but with not know why the plot happens is no closure. Not only that but all the characters got on my nerves. At no time was I rooting for any of them to survive. In my opinion all the characters where idiots that deserved to be taken by the dark, so when they actually started to I wasn’t feeling bad that they where.

For the most part the acting was decent, nothing great with none of the actors stealing the movie away from the others, but it wasn’t that impressive either. About the only impressive aspect of this movie was the few special effects that was done with the shadows and having them create a good creepy vibe but the rest of the movie just falls apart. The pacing of the movie is just too slow, there’s no real action in it other than fighting some generator, and though there is a known villain with never seeing the villain or what the shadows did with the people made watching Vanishing on 7th Street boring to watch.

Blu Ray Quality:
     With the movie being boring it’s sad because the way it looks is really good. Which with the level of the picture quality having the shadows come to life and kill anyone without a light would have looked really good. But again, with nothing ever happening in this movie there’s nothing for the Blu Ray to bring out in it to make it look good. And typically with Blu Rays I’m usually impressed with how the audio levels are but with this one I was not. Though the audio is better than most DVD’s it’s not as good as some of the past Blu Rays I’ve watched. My problem with the audio was having to turn the volume level up the levels higher than I would normally with a Blu Ray. It’s not bad enough to take away from the movie but it didn’t impress me either.


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