Universal Studios

The Rockford Files Movie Collection

During the 70’s The Rockford Files was one of the biggest shows on television and actor James Garner was nominated for an Emmy several times, winning only once. During the 90’s the show attempted a comeback with a visibly older Garner back in the titular role.... Read more


What happens when network television airs a serialized drama loosely based on the biblical tale of the rise of King David?  You get Kings, which debuted with a lot of fanfare on NBC this spring, but after low ratings was shuffled off to Saturday nights to die.  It’s not surprising becaus... Read more

The Starter Wife

As a follow-up to its successful summer miniseries, the first season picks up one year after Molly Kagan, played by Debra Messing, is suddenly dumped by her successful Hollywood executive producer husband.... Read more

Clint Eastwood American Icon Collection

Clint Eastwood is a name known to all. He has appeared in countless films and even directed many as well. Now you can own a collection of four of his earlier, perhaps less famous fims. You're not going to find and Dirty Harry or Westerns in this one. ... Read more

Beethoven's Big Break

Big cuddly St. Bernard is back. This time his owner is an animal trainer and a single dad, Eddie (Jonathan Silverman) after his son Billy (Moises Arias) begs to adopt this gigantic and slobbery dog.... Read more