Dog Society: Emerge

Dog Society was born in the 90’s during the rock explosion that brought bands like Dishwalla, Candlebox, and Third Eye Blind to the forefront of their genre. The band spent much of their time touring in support of their debut album Test Your Own Eyes.... Read more

Karney: Love & Respect

Karney’s Love & Respect is an album that might as well have been a split from two separate bands. The first half of the album is all college radio songs that never really reach for greatness and succeed. The other half of the album, well four of the tracks anyway, are epically great.... Read more

Automatic Static: Number IV

Usually I give an album quite a few spins before I make any kind of judgment on weather or not it’s any good. The latest E.P. release from the band Automatic Static makes it really easy for me.... Read more

Seven Circle Sunrise: Beauty In Being Alone

When I first began to research Seven Circle Sunrise I came across a quote from the bands driving force, Veno Xavier, in which he states about his band and its music, “Its potent, aggressive and dynamically charged songs that make the "angst" of other bands sound like inconsequential simpering.” B... Read more

EMA: Past Life Martyred Saints

I’ve never heard EMA’s previous band, Gowns, though with as much music as I consume within a month I can’t really be sure, but after hearing Past Life Martyred Saints I might have to take a look into Gowns. On this, her solo effort, EMA (Erika M.... Read more