The Outsider

Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 7, 2013
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Seasoned Police Detective Ash Rashid has seen a lot during his career as a police officer but he can still be surprised with what his job brings. While sitting at home, Ash is visited by a local mob boss who tells Ash that there is a case he needs to look into. After checking into the case, Ash finds out that a friend was found dead by a hit and run but no one knows anything about it. Ash gets drawn into this mystery of a case that involves a death that has all the signs of a murder but what he discovers are ugly truths about the police force and people he knows. His friend, the mother of his daughters best friend, is dead, the police don't know anything about it, neighbors are being threaten by what might be police detectives, and Ash's job has now been put on the line because of it but he will not let anything deter him from finding the truth, not even when his family is threaten.