Charlie's Angels (PREVIEW)
How many Angels are there?

Counting these new ones, the ones from the movies, including the bad ones or lost, it would be 14 (by my count, might be a few I don't remember)

Sometimes people need to have second chances and for 3 women this couldn’t be any truer. For these 3 women they have made a mistake that has cost them their jobs and even their freedom but with help of Charlie Townsend, these 3 women are able to take their lives of being a cop, a thief, and an army lieutenant and turn them into women that help keep the world safe from the real criminals. But when tragedy comes to the angels that ends in the death of one of them, it takes Charlie to convince the remaining 2 angels to find the childhood friend of the fallen angel so she can help them find the killer of one of his angels.

This show is no stranger to having a remake done of it but that’s because some ideas are just good enough to be able to stay fresh over time. ‘Charlie’s Angels’ is a show that is about taking 3 gorgeous women who are very skilled at something like being a detective or working with explosives but are also women that live on the edge while maybe not so much within the law and turning them into women that work for the law. Along the way these women will be getting themselves into tight spots that require them to be sneaky and/or using some ninja like skills to fight their way out of it.

It’s for that reason that this is an idea that is able to stay fresh because it’s tough not to like a show that has beautiful women going to exotic locations around the world, while using high end equipment, being spies, and kicking butt along the way. This is exactly what the new show is and it kept with the whole theme of the original with having Charlie coming through as a voice on a speaker with Bosley (played by Ramon Rodriguez).

This new series of the show wasn’t that spectacular, this is mainly due to the fact that the actual plot of it is the same one that’s already been done on the show, the loss of one of the angels. I can see how the show writers would want to go this route because there’s a lot of people that haven’t seen the original show before or even the movies, so this plot line of the one that is killed by some mysterious criminal that has some connection to a case that she was working on that she didn’t tell the other 2 angels about can be new to them. However, it’s not new to me and it’s something that I could have done without. I would much rather have seen this show start off with the introduction to Charlie setting up his very first team and how he is able to convince 3 women that he is an actual person that’s a good guy, cause come on, how can someone that’s supposed to be as smart as these women just believe a voice on a speaker?

Aside from the same plot the pilot episode was decent enough to watch. There wasn’t anything that caught my attention to make it stand out other than that the actress Nadine Velazquez who plays Gloria, the angel that is killed. The other two angels are Kate Prince (played by Annie Ilonzeh), Abby Sampson (played byRachael Taylor), and Eve (played by Minka Kelly). Each of these actresses was able to make their characters mediocre but not great or even good. There’s no real feeling being put into the character and that is the main problem I had with the show. With all the action, fights, and even with the women being good looking, having characters that aren’t feeling like they are real to me just ends up making me bored with the show.

What I got out of this pilot episode was that it was made with just enough to allow it to be liked but if it wasn’t then nothing was lost. There’s nothing in it that made me think that everyone went all out for it because they felt this show was the next big hit. If it had I think this show would have turned out to be a can’t miss but instead all it turned out to be was a pilot for a show that I was just interested enough in to carry me through to the end but no further.

Lee Roberts
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