In Theatres: 
Apr 04, 2008
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 54 Minutes

Leatherheads is an evenly balanced film. On one hand there is plenty of football and fighting for the guys and for the ladies there’s a solid romance story, oh, and George Clooney.  The film takes place in the mid-20’s, a time when football is pretty much a College game. There are games being played by amateurs but their popularity isn’t much and most teams disappear in the blink of an eye due to finance. Dodge Connelly (played by director George Clooney) is an aging football player who notices his beloved sport being changed by rules, regulations, and general lack of interest. With a little ingenuity and charm he works his angle to bring Football to the professional level with the aid of a war hero and college football star.

I was weary because the film runs just shy of two hours and Clooney over the past few years has lost the fun with films like Syriana, Michael Clayton, and the only decent Ocean’s trilogy. I was worried that the film would take itself too seriously. The film was hilarious throughout and as always Clooney brings chemistry. The film was beautifully shot to put you in the mindset of the time period with campy music from Oscar winning composer Randy Newman and authentic looking sets. I’m not an Office fan so the most I have to compare John Krasinski to is his role in the terrible marriage comedy License To Wed which by comparing just those two the guy should get an Academy Award for his role here. Renee Zellwegger, and its been a long time for me, puts in a great performance fitting into the era perfectly and giving the boys a run for their money giving so much life to her character. I see this movie being huge and I hope that everybody gets themselves a ticket for it.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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