Art Decade: Western Sunrise

It never helps when a press release for your band boasts you as the next biggest thing, but in some cases it’s true. For the Boston based Art Decade their album Western Sunrise truly embodies the praise the album is receiving.... Read more

Dave Kilminster: Scarlet: Director's Cut

Dave Kilminster is not a  musician I’m familiar with. That being said I jumped onto the old internet and did a quick bit of research turning up some interesting information about the guy. Information so awesome I was afraid that it would cause me to be somewhat biased towards the album.... Read more

Love Rub & the Chocolate Delight: Love Rub & the Chocolate Delight

Now this album is the perfect example of the need to not judge an album by its cover...or a band by its name for that matter. In both cases, I thought I was in for a long listening experience (and not the good kind) when I first put this CD on.... Read more

Kylesa: From The Vaults, Vol. 1

My first experiences with Kylesa (according to wiki the name is taken from the Buddhist term Kilesa Mara, a term denoting the delusory mental states) were a bit rocky. I found the intro track to be haunting and extremely interesting.... Read more

Flyleaf: New Horizons

 Flyleaf will release their third studio album at the end of this month but with the bittersweet news that this will be the last album featuring singer Lacey Sturm . Sturm will depart from the band as they begin touring for their latest release, New Horizons.... Read more