Olivia “Liv” Moore (played by Rose McIver)  is a disciplined medical resident that has planned out her life where she will one day be a skilled doctor and married to her fiancee Major Lilywhite (played by Robert Buckley). Everything is going as planned for Liv, her family loves her, Major loves her, and she is achieving what she wants in her medical career. After finishing her rounds at the hospital Liv is invited to a boat party and going out of character she accepts the invitation. For the first time in her life Liv starts to relax while having a little fun and then everything gets turned into chaos when the party goes become zombies. Waking up the next morning in a body bag, Liv discovers that she has a new need in her life, a need to eat brains. Having to change everything she has worked for now that she is a zombie, Liv must come to terms with her current situation but her family and loved ones aren't as accepting to the choices she is now making. Can Liv handle her cravings for brains while working the police as a psychic to solve crimes or will she give in to the monster that she is becoming?