Michael and the Rockness Monsters: Michael and the Rockness Monsters

Michael and the Rockness Monsters

(Michael and the Rockness Monsters)
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Friday, February 26, 2016

     Michael Napolitano of the award winning Preschool Of Rock is back with a new band and a new sound in Michael and The Rockness Monsters. The album is a 13 track collection of songs that mix the fun spirit of Preschool Of Rock with a more mature ear.
     The album kicks off with the Pirate Song. A tune that playfully challenges kids to chime in when the titular character, after some clues about who they are, gets it wrong. Kids will fall in with the track since it also features kids participating in the fun. Parents might find the vocals a bit dragged in parts, but all together it fits its targeted audience.
     Fisherman is the third track on the album which takes on a fun Caribbean vibe. It's got a positive message in having patience, sticking with the fight trying to reel in a big one, and the bond between a fisherman and their boat. That last part can easily translate to a family pet, a kids room, a loved toy. You've got to care for it if you want it to care for you.
     Dinosaur Haircut is probably the only track on the album that seems like a throw away to me. It's very dragged and a bit repetitive. Kids will probably love it.
     Track six is where the album pretty much picks up and never stops going. The title of track six is Pretty Little World, which absolutely brings to mind Cat Stevens Wild World, not just for the title similarities, but for the tempo and vocal delivery.
     Track Seven is Rock Band which is a great sounding tune that incorporates rock and even incorporates some kid singers that really make the track a cute addition.
     Micemaker is the ninth track on the album and is a fun use of wordplay. Just listen to it.

     All in all I thought the album had some spotty area's that will probably only be issues with parents (not the target audience). If I traveled back in time to having small kids and long car rides with kids music, unfortunately Michael and The Rockness Monsters has a lot of drag at the start but eventually opens up and delivers. It was an interesting departure from some of the creativeness of Preschool of Rock with Napolitano reaching for a more full sound but it might leave some on the fence. As always, final judgment is yours. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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