Motive: Raw Deal


Raw Deal
Regular Air Date: 
Wednesdays @ 10PM ET
Air Date: 
Thursday, May 22, 2014

“Motive” is a TV show that can be seen on ABC every Wednesday night at 10pm ET. The show had it’s season 2 premiere on May 22nd and the season debut episode was entitled, “Raw Deal.” “Motive” follows several detectives as they try to solve homicides. The difference in this show is it is similar to a Greek tragedy because the killers and victims are known at the beginning of the show. Along with the detective trying to solve the case, you also follow the killer and victim to see how the events pan out. In this episode someone suspiciously commits suicide while another person just proposed to his girlfriend. The question is how are these events related and why did the murder happen?
I thought it was very interesting how the show was constructed and I thought it would be really fun to see the episode unfolded from a different perspective. The only problem is, this episode was extremely slow paced and nearly put me to sleep. The main characters are pretty tame and lack any personality. The only highlight of the show was Detective Brian Lucas, but he didn’t get as much screen time as he deserves. Besides being very handsome, he adds extra energy and helps move the scenes along a lot more readily than his counterparts. Other than that, the show needs to move at a faster pace to kep their audience awake.
I am a huge fan of cop dramas and homicide investigation related shows, but this show does not offer anything unique or different about it besides the episode structure. If the main characters were likeable or even had something to relate to, I would have enjoyed the show a bit more. There are better shows out there worth your time. For those reasons, I am giving this show and it’s season 2 premiere episode a “D+.”

Paul Arca
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