American Sasquatch Hunters: Bigfoot in America

American Sasquatch Hunters: Bigfoot in America

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Running Time: 
60 minutes

Ever since a reported sighting of a giant, hair cover, beast like man in the 50's, America has been searching for Bigfoot. Millions have been spent in the search for this hair covered myth, years devoted to trying to find Sasquatch, and so far no true evidence has been discovered to prove Bigfoots existence. Follow along as Eric Altman, Tim Cassidy, David Dragosin, and Stan Gordon explain why the myth of Bigfoot is so popular, why there's no proof, and some of the tools they use in their own search for the myth.

This is a documentary, at least the closest one can get to a documentary about Bigfoot. I'm not going to say here that I believe that there is such a person/animal/beast-man living out in the wild all covered in hair/fur walking around. What I will say is that there are people that truly believe that there is such person/animal/beast-man out in the woods and they have devoted either a lot of time or their life in finding out the truth. That is what this documentary is about, some guys discussing the myth of Bigfoot, some of the history of the myth, why they look, give some accounts of sightings, and talk about how they go about searching for the myth.
Now the question is this documentary informative? I would say no not really. I thought this was going to explain a lot more about the process of hunting for Bigfoot, and they do talk about it, but the amount of information I walked away with about the hunt for Bigfoot could have fit in a 20 minute video. I got a lot of information that I've heard many times before but in a less interesting format. The men on this documentary aren't that interesting to watch and with the lack of information being given I wasn't captivated while watching it.
Though I think this might have been a little more interesting if not for the poor video quality. Nearly every one of the times the interviews happened, the faces of the men where so washed out that they where featureless. While in the attempted to have a level balance of sunlight, the interview had light put on the men's faces but it was too much. It was both laughable and horrible at the same time. The lighting needed to be brought down a lot to make this look just somewhat ok. This documentary that was supposed to be informative and I'm thinking entertaining only ended up looking bad, no solid information given, and it was somewhat amusing but only because of how pasty white the men's faces looked. Not the best documentary I've seen on Bigfoot.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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