White Violet: Hiding, Mingling

White Violet plays a mostly quiet and contemplative form of rock, with indie flourishes. Aspects of their style remind me a bit of the calmer side of 80's pop rock. Subdued, with a solid emphasis on synths and effects-heavy guitars. It's contemplative in parts, but also catchy.... Read more

Rie Sinclair: Bee Sides

Rie Sinclair’s Bee Sides EP is a fantastic little slice or pop heaven. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on just how far you’ve ventured down the rabbit hole.... Read more

Certain People I Know: Self Titled

I’ve said it once before, the Indie market is simply too jam packed, and in this day and age of free flowing information right at your fingertips the overexposure of Indie acts on the web is slowly strangling the genre.... Read more

Clover Creek: Sanctity Of Song

Reviews like this are always tough to do. Presumably, these guys are a young band, possibly still in college (or just out of it). As such, it's tough to critique an album like this without seeming like tearing the band itself to pieces.... Read more

Forever Came Calling: Contender

Forever Came Calling releases their latest offering, Contender. A 20+ minute release that offers up the usual messages of teen angst, heartbreak, love songs and what have you. I know, I’ve listened to it several times now trying to find some good to say about the album.... Read more